Thursday, June 02, 2005

Heh Ref, let the players play!

The Pistons just got beat by three zebras who are taking way to much control of the series with the Heat. How many offensive fouls got called against Rasheed? Doug Collins and Magic Johnson both questioned the calls so it is not just this biased fan. Terrible. Miami played good defense, but it is easier to play great defense and a more aggressive style when you have a zebra covering your back. Then Miami goes down the court and they shoot out the lights.

These are two great teams who could easily be playing for the championship instead of the Eastern Conference. They had a couple of great games in the first two of the series. Since then the refs have called horrible games. Let the players play the game. I hope Wade heals up so when the Pistons win on Saturday it is not because Wade is hurt. He is having a great series.


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