Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Scobleizer back on my radar

Like Rick Borup, I am finding myself a bit overwhelmed with the influx of information from all the bloggers and RSS news feeds I am consuming in FeedDemon. Last week I realized my Scobleizer feed had not registered in a couple of weeks. Then I remembered Robert was moving his site.

It dawned on me that a couple weeks went by and I had not really missed this feed. Interesting. Should I remove the feed from my regular pulls? Nah, Robert posts gems once and a while and often points me to new blogs which are valuable. I also enjoy the risks he takes each day poking fun at the company he works for (Microsoft). I often find myself agreeing with the things he thinks they should be doing to better the company.

Today is a fine example: he points me to a blog I might have missed, The Dilbert Blog. Thanks to Scott Adams who adds humor to my life - subscribed!


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