Sunday, February 05, 2006

Living Extra Large on Super Sunday in Detroit

Yes - we get snow in February and it is no big deal. The weather has been so warm (as in just above freezing) most of it melted as it hit the ground. We have about three inches of the wet stuff here north of the city, but it probably snowed enough to measure six to eight inches, and this was after it rained hard for a while.

So all week the media have been covering the celebrity sightings and the big parties. Bright lights, lots of music, dog sleds, ice skating, surfing and sledding, and tons of spectacular food spreads. Finally, today they remembered there is some football game being played at Ford Field. The first time two professional teams will be playing in this stadium all season. You see we have this minor league team called the Lions who play here eight times a season, but they are not even remotely professional. I think we have some high school teams who could kick their behinds.

I will be following my Super Bowl tradition - coding during the game and watching the commercials. Last year the game was good and the commercials stunk. I am hoping both are outstanding this time around.

I am picking the underdog Seahawks to win the game. The only reason is a simple one - the Steelers were in the news a lot this week attending all the parties and getting in front of the cameras all week. The media went overboard on The Bus (as in number 36 from Pittsburg). The Seahawks just came into town and went about the business of preparing for the game. They also come from a city where a lot of geeks live, so this is not surprising. I also like the Seattle coach and was hoping he would get hired by the Lions, but that is not going to happen.

So go Seahawks!


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