Thursday, May 18, 2006

Craig Boyd At DAFUG (Part 4)

Pizza was good. Special thanks to Dale Zimmer for buying the pizza and sneaking it into the hotel.
Craig's next demo is the SednaX GDI+ classes currently under construction by Bo Durban of Moxie Data (project manager), Craig Boyd, and a team of developers. The project is just about 80% complete. The team needs some testers and some developers to work on example code for the libary. He showed some interesting examples created by the team. One of the examples is images, which look like a command button, but has two icons on the button (something not possible with native VFP). The list of examples has grown significantly in the last couple of weeks. I am very impressed by the quality of work done by this team in a very short time. Hats off to Bo and his team!
Have I mentioned the price of the GDI+ classes? Free!
Craig took this opportunity to introduce the group to SednaX. If you don't know what SednaX is, head over here. Craig is one of the administrators of SednaX (along with Doug Hennig and myself). This is an organization with over 650 members who potentially can collaborate to extend Visual FoxPro. Check out several of the existing projects or propose another project not yet submitted. Ideas were discussed on the types of projects that could be submitted. Craig covered some of the Mission Statement and the process of getting a project submitted for consideration.
More to come...


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