Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Southwest Fox 2007 - Call for speakers

Today we posted the open call for speakers for Southwest Fox...

Southwest Fox 2007 (October 18-21 in Mesa, AZ, is looking for speakers. The conference is focused on Visual FoxPro and sessions should fit into one of the following tracks:

  • Working with Sedna and SP2: This track will cover the new features and changes introduced in Sedna and in VFP 9 Service Pack 2.
  • Extending VFP (including VFPX, COM, etc.): The sessions in this track will cover technologies that extend VFP's capabilities, such as those in VFPX.
  • Reviewing VFP Fundamentals: This track will appeal to those newer to VFP, whether they are just moving up from earlier versions of FoxPro, or coming from other languages.
  • Integrating VFP (with SQL Server, .NET, etc.): This track will look at using VFP together with other products, including back-end servers, Automation servers, and .NET.
  • Managing the Software Business: This track will offer business advice to VFP developers, including managing clients, the software development process, and so forth.

If you're interested, click on the Call for Speakers link at Please read the entire document before submitting session proposals. All proposals are due by March 26; speakers and topics will be announced May 1, 2007. Send any questions to

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