Sunday, April 01, 2007

FoxForward - Topic Deadline is Approaching

Kevin reminded me that there are only two weeks until the deadline of April 15th to turn in your topic(s) for FoxForward 2007 presentations. So don't procrastinate and pile the session topics Kevin's way.

In particular he is looking for a two session overview on "Learning VFP". I doubt you will even scratch the surface in the 3.5 hours, but you will be doing the community a service by guiding a path for those who are looking to get into VFP.

I gotta get back to evaluating all the Southwest Fox sessions submitted. I was telling Doug and Tamar that we have a near impossible task of narrowing down the sessions we can accept for the conference. All part of the fun of putting on a conference. I hope Kevin has as much fun as we are.

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