Thursday, March 27, 2008

Vacation Accomplishments

I returned to Michigan today from a 10-day break in the Orlando area. Yesterday I was in the 70s (F) with sunshine and a slight breeze in Florida. Today it is below freezing and we are getting 2-4 inches of snow this evening. Fabulous. At least our flight was not delayed like the many people flying on Delta today.

I accomplished a couple of firsts on my vacation. The first was attending a Detroit Tigers spring training game. My dad took me to the game for my birthday and it was a real treat, although it felt more like a typical opening day game in Detroit weather-wise (game time temps in the low 60s with wind-chills in the 50s without jackets {g}). The Tigers won it in the ninth inning 10-9. Great game as the Tigers fell behind 6-0, rallied to an 9-6 lead, Astros tied it in the top of the 9th, and Tigers pulled it out in the bottom of the inning. It has been a long time since my dad and I went to a Tigers game and the first game I attended with my nephew and brother-in-law.

The next thing I accomplished was attending the live landing of the space shuttle. I have seen the orbiter return once before to Kennedy Space Center, but on the back of a 747 as it flew back from California. I can't say I actually saw Endeavour return because it was dark. We heard the twin sonic booms and heard the jets that escorted the orbiter to the landing. We also saw the lights from the escort jet as it descended to the well-lit landing strip on the horizon. Our view was fantastic and it would have been even more spectacular if Endeavour would have landed during the first pass at 7:05pm. Still, it was a great evening filled with fun and terrific meal with my parents as we wrapped up our spring break.

Back to work and catching up on a couple of projects, plus I have a huge announcement coming early next week. It will be good to get back to full-time work, and some positives vibes.


At 3/28/2008 08:31:00 AM, Blogger Cathy Pountney said...

I thought of you the other day when I saw a news clip about a new service available. You can have your ashes put on a rocket and sent into space. Your family can show up and the rocket launch and have a little service before you head into space. Or for even more money .. you can send your ashes to the moon.

At 3/28/2008 09:15:00 AM, Blogger Rick Schummer said...

Yes, I have known about the ashes in space for a couple of years now. I have decided I want be in Earth orbit before I die, afterwards seems a bit of a waste since it will be expensive either way.

I have a plan: first the vomit comet (plane ride that simulates zero-g), then the ride into orbit either on SpaceShip Two, or the ride to the space station. All I have to do is get the cash. {g}


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