Monday, June 06, 2005

DBCX Metadata Compare Utility - Updated

This weekend I took a couple of minutes to update the White Light Computing DBCX Metadata Compare Utility based on a developer's request that it account for deleted records in the metadata. The developer also mentioned that he automatically runs the DBCX Metadata Compare Utility executable as part of his deployment process so he knows exactly what has changed. This is why I wrote the tool in the first place, but it is always encouraging to hear how other developers use the tools you create, and how they depend on it for their development.

I decided to take the opportunity to include SET REPORTBEHAVIOR 90 when you run the tool inside VFP 9. This allows you to preview the report with the crisper zoom magnification, and display multiple pages in the preview window. The good news with this little tweak: I did not have to modify the report to be compatible with the new Report Designer.

DBCX Metadata Compare still runs in VFP 7 and 8 as well as VFP 9 IDE. If you run it in standalone mode the executable now requires the VFP 9 run-times.

In case you were wondering, this tool is a freebie. All the details on how to download it, and some basic documentation can be found on the White Light Computing Web site here. Enjoy.


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