Thursday, May 18, 2006

Craig Boyd at DAFUG (Part 5)

Reboot of the computer and restarted in Windows Vista. Not many of the DAFUG members have seen VFP running in Windows Vista. Some saw it at Southwest Fox 2005 last October.
Craig's machine is dual boot because he struggled to get Vista to run in a VirtualPC session. Overall, Craig likes Vista. He likes the Areo Glass and the desktop search. There are some changes he dislikes like hiding the Run... functionality and some of the changes in Internet Explorer.
The next step was to show VFP running on Vista and how the new look and feel is already absorbed by VFP because it already supports XP Themes. So your application will automatically look "Vista Enabled". The menus even look improved. The Windows API calls assume the new API for Vista. For example, the Open File dialog looks different and shows file attributes not found on XP or earlier. There are glitches still, but the Fox Team is working on VFP 9 SP2 to address theses issues. This to me is the most important part of the Sedna release.
One of the neat things demoed included the new Task Dialogs. It is like MessageBox, but better. Craig wanted to show us the speech recognition, but apparently it is broken on his machine in the CTP he is running. Craig had some fun with the fact that I set him up to find a problem with the demos he had. Looks like he is out for some sweet revenge during my sessions at Advisor DevCon or during the keynote at Southwest Fox.
What a session! Two and a half hours of VFP on steriods. Great job Craig.


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