Tuesday, May 23, 2006

SednaX Activity Is Bubbling

SednaX membership is exploding. We have been approving close to 10 memberships a day for the last week and we just hit 700 memberships overall. This is phenomenal!

We recently added two exciting projects:
1) ctl32_statusbar headed by Carlos Alloatti
2) Code Analyst headed by Andrew MacNeill

The other projects all have recent updates to the source code as well:
1) GDI+ X Foundation Classes headed by Bo Durban
2) JustBehave headed by Glenn Domeracki
3) OOP menus headed by Doug Hennig

A few people recently emailed me asking how they can get involved. It really is easy, join SednaX, then offer one of the project managers your assistance. It is up to each project manager to handle their projects as they see fit, but I know several of them are looking for testers and feedback at the moment.

There is another project on deck which we will be announcing soon too. I think it is safe to say SednaX has momentum.


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