Monday, June 05, 2006

SednaX Name Poll

Just in case you have not heard: the SednaX Admins are requesting your opinion on changing the name. Here is a snippet from Craig Boyd's news post on SednaX:

In the interests of providing SednaX members and project managers with more features and a powerful online environment for collaborative projects a move to Microsoft's CodePlex ( is being looked into. The CodePlex site is still in beta, but offers a number of features that SednaX members and projects could benefit from. The timeline in which SednaX would be moved to CodePlex is still a little difficult to estimate, but we hope to be able to make the move in a timely manner.

One of the other changes that is being considered as part of the move is renaming SednaX to better reflect the fact that it is related to Visual FoxPro. We have set up a thread, 'SednaX Name Change', in the discussion area for ideas about what SednaX should be officially named/branded for the long term.

Andrew MacNeill is taking this a step further with a poll. Cool.

So take part in this community effort and join in on the discussion in the SednaX forum, and vote on the poll. Both aspects will impact the final decision.


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