Friday, June 09, 2006

VFP Property Sheet: Edit Property/Method

Finally coming up for some air today after a marathon of activity here at White Light World Headquarters. I added about 10 blog entry ideas to my Wiki over the last couple of weeks and have not had time to address any of them.

VFP 9 has many enhancements to the Property Sheet, but one I was using a lot this last week include a shortcut to the Edit Property/Method dialog. I was refactoring some classes for a builder framework I am extending (which will be detailed in a future article in Advisors Guide to Visual FoxPro). I was adding properties and methods, renaming them, changing descriptions, and moving them to different classes. Fun work.

One of the frustrating things to make these changes is to to pull the Edit Property/Methods dialog off the Form or Class menu. Once displayed you have to scroll down the list to find the property/method you want to change. What I rediscovered this week is you can call the dialog from the Property Sheet shortcut menu and it will actually position you on the PEM (property/event/method) in the dialog. What a time saver.

Unfortunately this is only available for custom property and methods you add to the form or class. Right-clicking on intrinsic PEM does not display the menu option. Bummer.

Now the dialog should become a MenuHit project on SednaX (hint, hint, hint {g}). The dialog should be modeless like Doug Hennig's New Property/Method dialog. It should be resizable, remember its last size and position, and be dockable. It should be MemberData smart (making a change to the PEM in this dialog wipes out the MemberData details), the New Property and New Method buttons should call Doug's dialog. I am sure there are other ideas. What are your's?

There was a brief thread on this topic a long time ago on ("Semi-hacking .SCX/.VCX PEMs for speed" thread in June of 2005). I offered to help, but unfortunately the thread and the discussion went no where. Hopefully someone will take the charge and come up with a replacement dialog.


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