Saturday, June 17, 2006

Southwest Fox 2006 - More revelations

Just in case you have not seen this yet, Bob Kocher has more surprises for you at Southwest Fox 2006. I just read that he has added Rick Borup, Milind Lele, Rod Paddock, and Christof Wollenhaupt. Wow!

I think this will be Christof's first speaking engagement in the USA, but he has been a big time speaker at the German DevCon for years and someone I really respect. His knowledge of VFP and software development are tops in our community. I am really looking forward to his session 'The Security Cookbook."

Rick Borup is one of my personal favorite speakers at VFP conferences and is the co-author on Deploying Visual FoxPro Solutions. His session on "Automating the Build" is something I plan on attending.

Rod Paddock has hosted the often overlooked site, which is where I hang out daily. Rod is an accomplished developer in both VFP and .NET so his session on "Understand the .NET Framework" should be a good one.

What a great set of additions to a power packed line up!

I also see Bob has announced each attendee will receive $150 in DBi Dollars. What a fantastic offer from the folks at DBi Tech. DBi Tech has been involved with the Fox Community for years, but have really stepped it up in the last 12 months with the Sedna components they are planning to release as part of the product and now this generous offer. Way to go DBi Tech and Bob!

Looks like Southwest Fox is heating up even more to be the best valued conference of the year here in the USA. I am sure there is not better bang for the buck in conferences around. You still have a couple of weeks to get the lowest price available. And knowing Bob, he probably still has a few tricks up his sleeve.

(updated 06/20/2006 to remove Milind's speaking as Bob has removed him from the list in latest post)


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