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Go Golden Grizzlies!

I graduated from Oakland University in Rochester Michigan 19 years ago. I really enjoyed my four and half years on campus. When I went to Oakland it was a small university with 7,000 students. It was better known as a school with the second best Computer Science program in the state (even higher than the University of Michigan at the time), than a school with a basketball team. We had champion caliber swim and soccer teams while I was there, but basketball not something that attracted a lot of attention. Oakland molded computer geeks, engineers, nurses, business people, teachers, actors, journalists, and other professionals, but not a single NBA player.

I am very excited to see our basketball team is in the NCAA Championship “big dance” and one of the finest universities around is getting some national exposure. Maybe the luck of the hard working Pistons is rubbing off. The home of the Pistons is only a 10 minute ride from the middle of the Oakland campus.

So to all my friends who went to the fine University of Michigan and over the years have ribbed me about us not having a real sports program: watch the Cinderella Golden Grizzlies march toward the final four.

I think it would be fun if Oakland plays the amazing Fighting Illini so I can have some fun with Rick Borup.

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