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Speakers and Sessions for Virtual Fox Fest 2020 have been announced, and registration is open!

White Light Computing is a Platinum sponsor and has three speakers including myself, Jody Meyer, and Cathy Pountney. We are looking forward to sharing our knowledge with the Fox Community.

Virtual Fox Fest is October 15, 21, and 27, 2020!

Only 92 days until we gather virtually via the Internet!


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We are excited to offer you Virtual Fox Fest, an online conference presenting the latest in Microsoft Visual FoxPro development techniques and interoperability with other technologies. This conference provides a venue for VFP experts to come together virtually to learn more about how our fellow programmers are using and extending VFP. For details about Virtual Fox Fest, please see

We’ve issued the Call for Speakers for Virtual Fox Fest. If you are interested in presenting, please read the document referenced in that page and consider submitting sessions. If you previously submitted sessions for Southwest Fox 2020, you don’t need to resubmit for Virtual Fox Fest (but feel free to delete or revise your prior submissions or submit new sessions).

Only 155 days until we gather via the Internet!