As you read the posts on my blog you are likely to come to a set of conclusions that I am a geek and a bit anal about helping others help themselves. I have been indited by Microsoft as an Most Valuable Profession because I spend a lot of time helping other developers solve problems though forum posts, books, conference sessions I present, and in the articles and blog posts I make. I cannot help myself as I have concluded it is part of my DNA. And contrary to what I thought I might do with my life when I was in high school and college, I love to write (English was not my favorite class, which obviously my editors understand).

So feel free to read my thoughts on various subjects. I hope you learn something or are inspired to do something greater than you have done before. If not, I hope I provide some food for thought on a subject you know better than me, or on something you might not know nothing about. You are also free to ignore my babblings about topics that are important enough to me to write about, but you have no interest. Also feel free to comment on my posts if the comments are opened for the topic. I only sensor spam, vulgarity, and things not related to the topic.

In case we have never met, here is a picture taken when I still had some hair on the top of my head.

In case you are wondering what level of geek I am, here is the license plate on my car:

Thanks for visiting my blog site. I hope you found the time you spent worthwhile.

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