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We have officially opened registration for Southwest Fox 2024! The highly acclaimed developer conference is September 26-29, 2024.
Southwest Fox is a hybrid conference: in-person and virtual. The in-person event will be held at the Hampton Inn & Suites Phoenix-Scottsdale, the same location as last year, in the Phoenix suburb of Scottsdale. The virtual event will use the RingCentral platform (the same platform we use for Virtual Fox Fest). All sessions will be presented in a single room and will be streamed to the virtual event and recorded. This year we plan to add a second screen so people can see the presentations easier from the back of the room.
The in-person conference room is small, so we have to limit registrations for the in-person event to the first 40 people who register. Those who are not in the first 40 will be added to a wait list or can decide to register for the virtual event. The virtual side of Southwest Fox can handle an unlimited number of attendees. If you really want to attend in-person, we suggest you register as soon as practical.
Super-Saver Registration for in-person, which saves you $200 (or $100 for virtual), is available only through June 30th, so don’t wait. Head over to the registration Web site today: You’ll have to select either the in-person event or the virtual event.
Registration fees start at $599 for in-person and $349 for virtual. More details are available on the conference’s registration page.

Important hotel details

We have a limited number of rooms at the hotel for those attending in-person. We will send you the link once we process your registration.


Please do NOT book your flights yet. Our hotel contract gives us some flexibility to see how registration is going before we’re absolutely committed. We’ll let you know when it’s time to book.

Here is what you can expect from Southwest Fox:

  1. Terrific selection of sessions from great presenters.
  2. A total of 15 regular conference topics to pack your days with learning opportunities and inspiration.
  3. Half-days on Thursday and Sunday for a more relaxed schedule and to make it easier for the virtual attendees.
  4. Lunch Friday and Saturday for all in-person attendees.
The conference website has been updated with this year’s information and includes:

Contact Us

  • Interested in being a sponsor? Contact our sponsor representative:
  • If you have ideas or suggestions for this year’s Southwest Fox, please email them to:
  • If you have a friend who wants to be on our mailing list, please tell them to go to the conference home page and sign up:
Make sure to share the news about the conference to all your developer friends. We appreciate any help with marketing and word of mouth is one of the best ways to spread the news about our conference.
Only 114 days until we gather in Scottsdale and over the Internet.


Virtual Fox Fest 2024 is on Wednesday, May 8, 2024, which is less than three weeks from now! We are getting close, and the preparations are in full swing.

Ready to sign up? Just click

Speaking of getting close, the Geek Gatherings YouTube Channel is closing in on 1000 subscribers and we would love to leap far over this milestone. Please subscribe and check the notification bell so you can be one of the first to learn when we release the videos from last year’s Southwest Fox. The channel has over 60 videos with session content from all the Virtual Fox Fest conferences over the last four years. That is over 75 hours of viewing. Here is a link to a session from 2022:

DevOps with Visual FoxPro (Joel Leach)

Only 19 days until we gather via the Internet.


We have good news to share today. Thanks to the support of the Visual FoxPro community and our many sponsors, Southwest Fox 2023 will proceed as planned October 19-22, 2023 in Scottsdale, AZ and online via Hopin (now owned by RingCentral).

We really appreciate all the support people have shown for the conference with registrations! That said, the decision comes with a calculated risk because we are still many registrations short of covering all the conference expenses. Please continue to spread the word to your colleagues, clients, user groups and anywhere else Visual FoxPro is spoken.

If you haven’t yet registered, there’s still room for you:

If you’ve already registered for the in-person conference, you’ll receive a confirmation email soon that includes a link for our discounted hotel rate.

We are pleased to announce Geekwear by Geek Gatherings. Order your Southwest Fox gear from Choose from the options shown or create your own unique SWFox-wear.

Only 43 days until we gather in Scottsdale and online via Hopin.




We have to decide by August 31 whether to hold Southwest Fox 2023 or not. So far, registration for both the in-person and virtual conferences has been slow. We have three options: a hybrid conference as planned, a virtual conference only, or no conference. If you want us to decide to hold the conference, register (for either the in-person or virtual event) before August 30. Credit cards will not be charged until September. If you are registering for the in-person conference, DO NOT book travel until you hear our decision.

Please head over to the registration Web site today:

Don’t miss this chance to learn from the best and mix with your peers.

XSharp Free Post-Conference Session
The XSharp Team is planning a Sunday afternoon (10/22) vendor session called “Migrating Your VFP App to .NET with X#.” Check out our Workshops page for all the up-to-date details.

If you’ve already registered for the conference and want to attend this session, email and we’ll add you to the post-conference list.

Only 64 days until we hope to gather in Scottsdale!


Hear that sound? Tick, tick, tick, tick…

That’s the countdown clock here at Geek Gatherings getting closer to the Super-saver deadline for Southwest Fox!  July 31st is next Monday and we thought we would pass along one more reminder just in case you forgot to add it your reminder list or put a yellow sticky note on your monitor. We still need people to register to make the in-person side of the conference happen.

Urgent: do not make plane reservations until we announce the decision for the in-person conference, which we expect to make in the coming weeks.

The conference takes place October 19-22, 2023 in Scottsdale, Arizona and we really hope you can be there. We would hate to see you lose out on the $100 discount and for those who really want to attend in-person, miss out on a spot in the first 50 registrations (the room limit we have for the conference space).

Head over to the registration Web site today:

If you’ve already registered, we thank you. Can you help us remind fellow developers who have been procrastinating about the looming deadline by sharing this email, sharing about it on social media, or posting on a forum how great a previous Southwest Fox or Virtual Fox Fest conference was for you? You can also spread the word by telling others you’re going on our Facebook event.

Nitty-Gritty Details
Check out our list of amazing speakers and dig into our sessions. Follow the news about the conference and our blog.

Contact Us:

Please beat the rush so we still have some fingernails left when August begins!

We appreciate all the support people have shown for the in-person conference with early registrations. We look forward to getting many more this week as we need them to make the “in-person go” decision; otherwise, we will be all virtual. If you’re planning to attend the virtual conference, please register now as it helps in our decision-making process.

Only 83 days until we gather in Scottsdale.


Virtual Fox Fest 2023 (May) is a one-day event on Wednesday, May 10, 2023. We have some great speakers delivering great sessions, live chatting during presentations, and getting to hang out virtually with new and old friends. This event will feature classic sessions (from previous conferences), updated for 2023, along with at least one brand new session. More details here:

Registration is open! Details, deadlines and cost are available on our Web site. You register for the conference here: Don’t procrastinate, get this done today!

We’re planning Southwest Fox in Arizona this October. We expect to announce our plans for a hybrid (in-person and virtual) fall conference some time in April.

White Light Computing is a Platinum sponsor of Virtual Fox Fest and Southwest Fox.

Only 60 days until we gather virtually via the Internet.


Thanks to all who have registered for Virtual Fox Fest 2022 (October). Early registrants help us plan ahead. This is another friendly reminder to the rest of you that it takes just a few minutes to register.

We’re really excited about this year’s Virtual Fox Fest line-up and we know you will be, too. You can find all the details:

You can order your Virtual Fox Fest gear anytime. If you don’t like the items or colors we’ve chosen, click on any item as a starting point and then click “Customize This Product” to choose the product and color you really want.

Virtual Fox Fest is October 13th, 19th, and 25th, 2022.

Only 30 days until we gather virtually via the Internet.


Last call!  (we want to make sure we have your attention)

The Early-Bird discount ends midnight (North American Eastern time) on Wednesday, which is just a couple of days away. Here is the direct link to get registered! (

Virtual Fox Fest is October 13, 19, and 25, 2022!

Only 45 days until we gather virtually via the Internet!