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The NBA Finals

You might be wondering what has happened to the Pistons in the first two games of the NBA Finals. Simple explanation: they have been schooled and beaten by their own game. Fortunately the Pistons play best with the backs against the wall. Spotting San Antonio two games should provide them the pressure situation they thrive in.

I am impress how global the finals have become. More than 150 countries have sent reporters to cover the games and I have already forgot how many languages the games are broadcast in, but it is staggering.

The one thing the NBA needs to discard is the goofy trophy poses the players have to make when their name is announced before the start of the game. Dumb idea. You can see the players are embarrassed when they are standing there.

Hopefully the real defending champs will show up tonight and we will see a real game between two great teams. Go Pistons!

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