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Rocketboom and the TI-99/4a

I am sitting here in my camper in College Park, Maryland, back from an exciting day witnessing my tax dollars being wasted n Washington DC. I am loving the wireless Internet connectivity here in the campground (something I looked for when booking this trip last week). Finally caught up on a couple of things I promised for customers and conference organizers so I decided to sit back and review the blogosphere for a few minutes (ok, more like an hour or two).

One of my subscriptions in FeedDemon is Rocketboom. This is a humorous video blog from Amanda Congdon. One of the things she does is hit a keyboard when she wants to run a video clip. Quite a while ago I thought to myself the computer looks like an old TI-99/4a. Sure enough in yesterday’s episode (#200) Amanda did a behind-the-scenes/review show and low and behold, there it was, a video of a monitor with the TI boot screen, and more video of Amanda taking out a cartridge from computer.

Ah the memories of good days. You see, the first computer I owned was a TI-99/4a. It was terrific computer, fast, and inexpensive. I still have it boxed up in the basement. I wonder if it would boot and still run my “Extended Basic” programs?

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