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Yukon Ho!

Just in case you were wondering were I has been for the last couple of weeks: I have been to Alaska. Yep, 49 states down, 1 to go (Louisiana for those keeping track). We also hit the Yukon Territory and British Columbia, both Canadian Provinces I have not previously visited.

I hope to discuss my trip more and post some of the 1000 photos I took (along with a couple of hours of video) somewhere at a later date. I was really disconnected on this vacation with rare cell coverage and spotty Internet access. A real vacation. In fact, I rarely turned on the computer. It felt good to disconnect. Fortunately all emergencies and urgent problems got handled in a timely manner.

Thanks to all who were concerned when they heard a tour plane went down and killed four folks from a Princess cruise ship. Some folks did not get a response from me, or see me online for the two weeks and were a little worried at first. I never saw the report until the cruise line left a notice in our room. I actually took one of those plane rides around Mt. McKinley (different location from the one that did crash), and was on a Princess Cruise ship, but a different one. We actually ported with the ship suffering from the loss of passengers during their excursion. We feel sad for the families involved knowing how much we anticipated this trip and all the planning involved, just to have it end the way it did.

So more later after I catch up on the 27 items still remaining on my to-do list for the next couple of days.

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