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One of the resources in the Fox Community that does not get a lot of publicity and might be a little under appreciated is FoxCentral. FoxCentral is hosted by West Wind Technologies and is a great place to get news about things happening in the Fox Community. Many user groups announce future meetings, third-party product producers inform you about releases, conference organizers post updates to entice you to attend their conference, etc.

Not only is FoxCentral a Web site, it is also a Web service you can access from VFP or anything else that can access Web services. For instance, the Web service is used by Foxite to display the news on the Foxite home page.

FoxCentral has been my Web browser home page since it was introduced. I also subscribe to the RSS feed in FeedDemon. Many thanks to Rick Strahl for hosting this site and for the recent update. The new look is very nice. For those who post entries, make sure to get the latest client because there have been changes to the Web service.

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