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It has been a very emotional time for hockey fans in Detroit, but tonight the Wings win Game 6 and clinch their 11th Stanley Cup – 4th in the last 11 seasons. The most traveled trophy in all of sports makes its way back to HockeyTown.

I think the last six games have been some of the best hockey I have seen in the last few years for sure, and maybe ever. Heart-stopping plays and continuous action makes it hard to work while the games are on. I was at my daughters final band concert this evening and missed the first period. Fortunately we had Internet on the phone and could keep current with {g}. I actually watched the rest of the game and only hit the computer during the intermissions.

I think Red Wing’s coach Mike Babcock made a statement that really shows how lucky the Wings are and how good a team they are – he said that when you switch goalies in the first round it normally means they are going fishing in a few days. Meaning you are usually giving up. This team was not giving up.

Most memorable moment for me is the almost goal with less than 3 seconds left in game 6, and how Osgood shuffled it away, and how sheer physics kept the puck momentum from hitting the net. I was having a flashback to game five and was dying thinking we might be going to another triple overtime. The other was when Zetterberg tied up Crosby as the puck skipped by the goal post in the fourth game. Third moment was Zetterberg’s last goal that literally squirted through the goalie’s legs and was pushed in – heartbreaking if you were a Penguin fan. The hits, the pinpoint passing, bad ice, a broken nose, hamstrings strung, post-clinkers in close games, pulled goalies, last minute goals, and octopus on the rink. Fantastic hockey by both teams.

Thanks Pittsburgh, if the Wings we not going to win it I cannot think of another team I would have enjoyed watching win it more. I would not mind playing this team for years to come.

Mary – you are off the hook. You were right in the end – the extension of the series allowed us to watch more great hockey. Terrific stuff if you are an adrenaline junkie.

Wings win, Wings win, Wings win!!!! HockeyTown rocks again. What a ride.