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But the number of days is dwindling to do so. Our thanks to all those who responded to our plea not to wait for the last minute. Here’s a reminder in case you got busy and forgot…

Virtual Fox Fest starts next week and is held October 15, 21, and 27, 2020! Get registered today!

Get Your Geekwear

Order your Virtual Fox Fest gear from Choose from the options shown or create your own unique Virtual Fox Fest-wear.

To choose your favorite color instead of ours, click the item you want and on that item’s page, click Customize This Product. On the page that opens, click Product & Color and choose the color you want.

To create custom items, click any item. On the page that appears, click Customize This Product. On the page that appears, click Product & Color and then click Change Product. You can select from all items offered by Logo Sportswear.

If you want the VFF logo printed, be sure to start with one of the t-shirts. If you want the logo embroidered, start with anything other than one of the t-shirts.

Once your VFF gear arrives, post your pictures on social media with the hashtag #VirtualFoxFest, so we can see them.

Only 7 days until we gather virtually via the Internet! We look forward to seeing everyone soon.