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I’m so thrilled to announce that Steven Black is speaking at Southwest Fox 2011. Doug, Tamar, and I have been trying to get him as a speaker every year we have organized the conference. As Doug blogged, Steve Black is one of my favorite speakers of all-time. His sessions are lively, thought-provoking, and entertaining, which is a killer combination. Steve hasn’t been to Southwest Fox since 2005 due to other commitments, so he’s been sorely missed.

You can check out Steve’s sessions by heading over to Steve’s Southwest Fox speaker page (linked above). I think you will find his sessions are more must-see topics to the conference. And I thought the schedule was already going to be difficult to figure out this year, now it just got more complicated, but in a very good way.

If you have not registered for the conference yet, there is no time like the present moment! We still have a few Saver discounts remaining. More details on the registration page.

Only 35 days until we gather in Gilbert!