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Last minute, just 14 hours to go! Now is the time to get your ideas submitted.

Just a reminder that session proposals for Southwest Fox 2014 and Southwest Xbase++ are due by 8 AM EDT this Friday, March 21. If you’re interested in speaking, please see for instructions. We look forward to hearing from you.

We are grateful for all the submissions so far, but we are anxiously awaiting to hear from the rest of you what you would like to share with your peers. Thanks for considering.


We’ve issued the Call for Speakers for both the Southwest Fox and Southwest Xbase++ 2014 conferences. If you are interested in presenting at either conference, please check out the Call for Speakers page.

This is your chance to share what you know with others in your development community. There is no higher calling as a software developer and a great opportunity to take what you have learned and bring that knowledge to your peers in person.

Someone recently asked the organizers why they should submit sessions to a conference their boss is going to send them to anyway, and what they would get from the experience. Honestly, speaking is really more because you want to do it than what you can get from it. We responded with the following:

  1. Preparing materials is a great way to really learn a topic deeply. (my personal favorite reason)
  2. There is the pleasure of knowing you are sharing your knowledge with others. For some of us, it is addictive.
  3. For independent developers, it’s also a great way to become known as an expert and as a result sometimes you get more business.
  4. You get invited to the speaker dinner. Who doesn’t want food and drinks and some laughs with your friends?

There are many more reason to speak at a conference. It is personal and the reasons for doing it are personal. Additionally, you get my personal gratitude. I know the effort it takes to prepare sessions and I know the sacrifices made by each person who accepts the challenge. Speakers are remarkable in so many ways.

All the details are found in the Call for Speakers doc.

Once again, Geek Gatherings is using the conference Submission, Registration, and Evaluation site developed by White Light Computing. Think up some topics and make it your next stop.