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Thanks to all who registered for Virtual Fox Fest; we appreciate your support. This is another friendly reminder to the rest of you that it takes just a few minutes to register, here is the link: register me now

Emails to registered attendees begin next week with all the details about the conference.

You can order your Virtual Fox Fest gear from

Virtual Fox Fest is May 5, 2022! Only 14 days until we gather virtually via the Internet!


Friendly reminder: if you have not registered for VirtualFoxFest 2022 (May), head on over to and get it done before you get distracted again by work. It is important for your long-term development career.

Only 30 days before we gather on the Internet!


Virtual Fox Fest 2022 (May) is a one-day event on Thursday, May 5, 2022. We have some great speakers delivering great sessions, live chatting during presentations, and getting to hang out virtually with new and old friends. This event will feature a mix of new and classic sessions from previous conferences, updated for 2022. Registration details, deadlines, and cost are available on our Web site. Register for the conference here: Don’t procrastinate, get this done today!

Doug, Tamar and I are still discussing whether to hold Southwest Fox in Arizona this fall. We expect to announce our plans for a fall conference some time in April. If you have feedback in this regard, do not hesitate to reach out to us with your thoughts.

More details here:

White Light Computing is once again going to be a Platinum sponsor. Jody Meyer and I are both presenting at the conference.

Only 43 days until with gather via the Internet!


Thanks to all who have already registered for Virtual Fox Fest; we appreciate your support and our speakers are excited to share all their sessions with you all soon. There is less than a month until the first day of the conference!

That said, we know there are procrastinators who have not registered and have good intentions to do so before the conference starts. Please, please, please do so sooner than later. Our hard working registration staff of one is also a presenter who is practicing and refining his session, and has more than a full-time job working on customer projects.

In case you are procrastinating, please register for Virtual Fox Fest before October 1st. Three good reasons:

  1. Save yourself $50!
  2. Our registration staff has a super busy October and would appreciate you saving $50. Not joking.
  3. If you wait until the week of the conference to register, you might not get your credentials until just before the first session on October 14th. You’ll miss all the details about the conference we’ll be sharing over the next few weeks, as well as chance to read white papers and download the examples before the conference starts.

It literally takes just a few minutes to register. We’d hate to see you miss the opportunity to get a head start on all the goodies. Go get registered! Now, really, don’t waste another minute. Here is the link:

Virtual Fox Fest is October 14, 20, and 26, 2021!

Only 22 days until we gather via the Internet. I look forward to seeing everyone again.


Speakers and sessions for Virtual Fox Fest 2021 (October) have been announced, and registration is open!

Only 58 days until we meet virtually over the Internet.


Just a reminder that the deadline to submit session proposals for Virtual Fox Fest is next Monday, June 7th. You’ll find details on our Call for Speakers page, We look forward to your ideas and session proposals.

Virtual Fox Fest is October 14, 20, and 26, 2021!

Only 134 days until we gather virtually via the Internet (provided we get session proposals :) ) !


We’re excited to offer you Virtual Fox Fest 2021 (October), a three-day online conference presenting the latest in Microsoft Visual FoxPro development techniques and interoperability with other technologies. This conference provides a venue for VFP developers to come together virtually to learn more about how our fellow developers are using and extending VFP. For details about Virtual Fox Fest, please see

The conference is going to be on October 14th, 20th, and 26th, 2021.

We’ve issued the Call for Speakers for Virtual Fox Fest. If you are interested in presenting, please read the document referenced in that page and consider submitting sessions.

White Light Computing is once again a Platinum Sponsor for this event.

Only 146 days until we gather virtually over the Internet.


Our thanks to all those who responded to our plea not to wait for the last minute. Here’s a reminder in case you got busy and forgot…

Virtual Fox Fest 2021 (May) is next week on May 6, 2021! Get registered today!

Only 10 days until we gather virtually via the Internet! We look forward to seeing everyone soon.