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Exhausted, yet energized

I just returned from a trip to visit the Chicago and Midwest FoxPro User Group (in Kansas City). It was good seeing my friends and making new ones from the Midwest. Thanks to both groups for their gracious hospitality. These groups have enthusiastic members and I was impressed by the dedication from the folks who drove more than three hours to come hear my presentations. As I do in all my presentations, I learned a bunch of cool techniques and was inspired by the ideas shared.

Both groups went out to dinner and I was thinking during the meals how Robert Scoble keeps blogging about his “geek dinner” concept. This is yet another thing the Fox Community has been doing for a very long time with the user groups. I guess we were trend setting again. Often I learn as much sharing a meal with Fox developers as I do during the sessions I attend.

Fortunately my voice is still intact even after the twelve hour marathon in KC, so I will be able to share this new found knowledge with the Atlanta group next week when I make the next stop on my Deployment Fox 2005 World Tour.

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