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The Fox Show – must have!

It is Memorial Day weekend here so that means I get to take a break from the day-to-day development projects and catch up on some reading (and now listening). Last night I was going through some blogs and came across Andrew MacNeill’s The Fox Show and decided to listen to a couple I had did not have time for when they were first released.

What a resource for the Fox Community! Andrew is producing a podcast that summarizes some news in the Fox world, reviews products he is using (even before you can read the in depth review in his column in FoxPro Advisor), and provides some great insight with some tips and topics on VFP development. I have learned something in each of his podcasts and regularly add something to my to-do list to check out.

I want to thank Andrew for his plug on my recent three city segment of the Deployment Fox 2005 World Tour and the Hentzenwerke Publishing’s Deploying Visual FoxPro Solutions written by myself, Rick Borup and Jacci Adams (a great book for graduating seniors and mid-year bonuses for your favorite developers {g}).

You can get his syndicated feed here and listen to it using your favorite media player on Windows, or an IPod or other portable music player. You can easily listen to a show during lunch. I have added The Fox Show to my must have list.

Off to do some yard work, have a great weekend.

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