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Go for email

Taking a break before heading to bed tonight, I listened in on the Discovery wake up call via a video stream from NASA. Today is spacewalk day which hopefully is not overshadowed by the news media’s constant probing to find some fatal flaw in the thermal heat shield. After the kids choir music was played to wake the astronauts, the crew was told they were “a go for email.”

There are so many things we take for granted here on planet Earth these days. I never gave much thought about getting email while I am in space. How cool will it be when I can post a blog from space? Well I can tell you I have permission to buy my trip as soon as I win $100 million or more in the lottery. Now all I have to do is get the nerve to buy a ticket. :)

Another cool note, Sergei Krikalev, the current commander of the space station crew is starting his third year in space. He is on the way to setting the record for most days by a human in space. He will break the record before his tour is up. This is his second stay on the International Space Station after one extended stay on Mir.

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