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Earlier this morning I posted about the different Web pages where developers can see what is new in the various versions of VFP. After posting I headed out to a client and on the way I recall some pages in the Fox Wiki where this information is detailed.

No sooner do I get to the client that BOb Archer hits me with an email about the Visual FoxPro Version Feature Concordance and just a little bit ago Steve Black was kind enough to let me know the same. Steve provided an extra hint as well:

“There, by version of Fox, are all the NEW functions, events, commands, files, pieces, etc and below that, what’s ENHANCED (fly the mouse over a few and note the popup that explains what’s new).”

This is a superb resource and a way cool feature!! Kudos again to Steve Black!

(Thanks to both BOb and Steve for nudging me, and my client for providing the 10 minute break during a very busy day to post this entry {g})

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