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MVP Summit: VFP 9 on Windows Vista

Today is the best day of the MVP Summit because today is the day the Fox MVPs got together with the Fox Team. We got to see a lot of what Microsoft is thinking about and considering in the Sedna release. Back in June, I revealed my personal number one requirement for Sedna in my post VFP Roadmap provides direction: Longhorn compatibility. Today we got a to see a preview of VFP 9 running on Windows Vista (formerly known as Longhorn). I can tell you I saw it running. There are still glitches and the Fox Team is still evaluating the full impact, but I am very excited by the small progress. We did not see it do much, but Ken was able to run the Class Browser / Component Gallery and it did not crash.

If you are headed to Southwest Fox (yes there is still time to sign up), you will get to see what the MVPs saw today (and probably more knowing the team). You will also have the opportunity to provide feedback to the Fox Team as well.

Oh, and more good news based on dinner Thursday night here at the summit. I was discussing the MenuDesigner I have been developing for a couple of years. We solved a major problem, which was holding up the progress on the development. One little 15 minute discussion and with some real smart Fox developers and I am rolling past a big issue. This discovery was well worth the cost of this trip and the investment of time.

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