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ViewEditor gets high markes

Burt Rosen of Software News and Views posted a review of our ViewEditor Professional. Burt does Visual FoxPro development and also runs a Web site dedicated to reviewing business software. He is starting to review VFP related tools and books, writes for the UniversalThread magazine, and is a presenter. My favorite quote from the review is:

“In summary, I give ViewEditor an A for features, an A- for documentation and an A+ for technical support. I highly recommend this product. At a $75.00 per developer license fee, it is well worth the money. I easily saved the cost of purchase in my first use of this software.”

Thanks to Burt for the kind words. I can now reveal that Burt was the developer who provided me the reproducible steps to finding the ViewEditor table/view name ordering bug I complained about in my Having ASORT of Frustrating Day post. That might explain the A+ for tech support, but the rest of the high grades are mostly Steve Sawyer’s doing.

If you want to read the entire review you can sign up for a free thirty day trial on his Web site.

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