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FoxPro License Plates

Yesterday I got involved in an email conversation about having FoxPro on my license plate. I see Whil Hentzen has been posting some geeky license plates and shows Dave Aring’s “FoxPro” license plate in the state of Kansas.

I know several VFP developers who show their Fox colors on their plates. Cathy Pountney has “FoxRox” here in Michigan, Marcia Akins has “FoxPro” in Ohio, Andy Kramek has “VFP MVP” in Ohio, and Sue Cunningham had “FoxPro” in Pennsylvania when she lived there.

The best story I have about my “FoxPro” license plate is when I was working at EDS. Another member of my team and I just finished a two day app for the GMAC Treasurer’s office. This app saved GMAC from losing 10 Million dollars. We literally cycled through the entire software cycle from requirements to deployment in two days and with no bugs reported. A couple days after the deployment a lady comes running up to me in the parking structure and says she saw my license plate and was wondering if I knew anything about FoxPro.

Apparently some hot shot programmers just swooped in to her department and kicked out an app for them and were “off working on another project and do not have time for us.”

I asked her where she worked and she told me the GMAC Treasurer department. I gave her another business card and told her all she had to do is call, we would be happy to help her out. {g}

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