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Light Reaches Sedna

Just in case you were heads down yesterday like I was and did not see Milind sneak the March letter to the community out a couple of days early: the first Community Technology Preview (CTP) of Sedna was released yesterday and available to download.

The only word of caution to note is this is pre-beta software. It as been tested internally, but as you know with any pre-production software, it might not be ready for prime time or production applications. I still recommend downloading and testing out the NET4COM component if you are interested in the functionality provided in the specification.

There is more good news from Milind: the announcement of the initial list of seven ActiveX controls available for free from DBi for Sedna customers. I have used DBi controls in the past and have been extremely happy with the results. This is great news and a huge contribution from the folks over at DBi.

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