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Sorry Craig, your excuses are weak {g}.

I host my own Blogger blog on RickSchummer.com, and all the comments posted by readers are on *my site*, not Blogger’s. I can download the HTML files for each post and they contain the comments too. This is how it works when you host your own blog. I can leave Blogger any day I want and I have all the content and all the comments. I understand you concern for sure, but I think your concerns in this case are unwarranted. Use the tools and save yourself some time not building your own solution. Life is too short and there is too much to do. Think of all the positive blog entries you have time to post now. {bg}

I recently turned on Comment Moderation for the same reason you turned comments off. Sploggers are stupid. I figured my blog would be off the radar of these idiots, but I got a couple and decided to go the moderation route. Unfortunately there is a short delay between the post and my acceptance, but this is a small price to pay. I get notified right away and normally publish them within minutes of the post. I only will block spam and foul language, not comments that disagree with my thinking. That is a promise.

By the way, I was not saying Doug should not expose his feed link. I think we both know Doug was going to do this. I was only suggesting this should not be a reason not to subscribe to his blog. Missing the good blog posts is silly when most good tools will find the feed link by themselves. Heck, I would drive to the local library to read Doug’s blog on a public computer if all 5 of my computers went down simultaneously.

Maybe we should just debate this at WhilFest over a couple of lemonades. My treat! Look forward to seeing you in a few weeks.

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