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Computer Glitch?

A little humor for my day was provided in an email from Epson concerning a rebate they owe me. I got the email today, and here is the content:

Dear Richard Schummer,

Your Epson $20.00 rebate check has been sent via 1st class mail on 12/28/2006. Please allow adequate time for delivery.


Epson Rebate Administrator

PLEASE NOTE: This is an automated email message. Please do not reply directly to this message.

Looks like they can predict the future or have released my notice too soon. I know rebates always seem to take their sweet time getting to me, but building in a 7 month delay is pretty ridiculous {g}. I also like how I cannot contact them with a reply to the email. Thanks Epson. I hope I get it sooner, and I hope their IT department realize the bug on their own since I have no way to tell them.

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