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During my Use and Extend the VFP Data Explorer session at the Advisor Summit I used a magnifier to zoom some of the hard to read user interface objects and text for the session attendees to see better. VFP MVP Igor Vit was impressed by this handy presentation tool and asked me for a link after my session.

Mike Henderson (friend and fellow VFP developer) pointed me toward this utility a couple of years ago when we were working together on a gig here in Detroit.

I emailed the link to Igor, and figured I should definitely pay it forward to you as well:

Virtual Magnifying Glass

Yep, it is open source and it is available for free.

I use it for more than just presentations. I also use it when I am looking to line things up on forms and visual classes and I cannot tell for sure how close they are. I run at a very high resolution (1900×1200) so every once and a while I need to zoom things up so I can see the nitty-gritty detail.

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