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Southwest Fox 2006 – save $50

Just in case you wanted to save yourself or your employer US$50, make sure to register for Southwest Fox 2006 before midnight Friday September 15th. Time is running out. The clock is ticking. Come on, what are you waiting for, a personal invitation? Okay, here it is:

Rick Schummer personally invites you to come to Arizona next month for Southwest Fox. This was the highest rate conference of the year here in North America last year and I expect nothing less this year. So join me for lots of Fox education and fun with fellow friends in the Fox Community.

I must have missed it (or forgot about it so it is new again to me), but it looks like Bob has added another pre-conference session with Kevin McNeish’s: .NET for VFP Developers. And it is free! I’m not sure which session I will be attending, but I am pretty sure I will be in one of the pre-cons. Tough choices.

Bob also has posted the Who’s Coming list. Looks like my home state of Michigan is tied for second in number of attendees.

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