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ViewEditor v3.6 SP1 Released

I am pleased to announce the official release of White Light Computing’s ViewEditor Professional v3.6 Service Pack 1! This release is free for registered developers.

List of the new/updated features in this release:

  • Include comments in view script (like the date/time it was generated and the view Comment property).
  • Added more documentation on setting up macro substitution view parameters with VFP 9 based on feedback from developers in the “Macro expansion and view clauses topic” in this Help file.

Bug Fixes:

  • The Inherit Table Properties feature triggered the error message “Not a character expression” when running the ViewEditor from the Stonefield Database Toolkit.
  • The Inherit Table Properties feature stopped inheriting field properties if one field has a bad UpdateName.
  • The Copy View Code feature was missing the Comment property for fields (it has been in the view properties).
  • The Copy View Code feature was using brackets for quoting character strings on DBSETPROP() values. This was a problem if you had bracketed strings for view and field properties such as Caption, RuleText, etc. The code now has brackets ([]) if you have single or double quotes, and double quotes if you have brackets in the strings. Single quotes are used if there are no brackets or single quotes in the string. If you are mixing and matching you may get unexpected results in the code.
  • Cleaned up view code with respect to DBSETPROP() in the generated code.

The current ViewEditor Help file is available for you to review if you want to learn more about this popular tool.

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