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I installed FeedDemon v2.1 over the weekend (glad to be out of the no-installs conference season {g}) and can tell you my favorite new feature is the way it highlights words in Watches.

If you are using FeedDemon and are using feed watches you probably already like how you can set up a watch to check incoming feeds to look for keywords. For instance, I have a watch to check for the titles of the books I have co-authored so I can see when someone mentions it in a blog or posts a message with it on the F1 Technologies forum, Foxite.com, the MSDN VFP Forum, VFPx site, or the West-Wind Message Board (all RSS enabled sites). I have a half dozen Watches set up to alert me of different things.

In previous versions of FeedDemon I would have to search for the keyword(s) that triggered the feed post, but now Nick Bradbury is highlighting the word in yellow so I can instantly see it! This feature has been in other products like Copernic 2001 (global Web searching product) and in Adobe Acrobat for years, so having it here in FeedDemon is not exactly ground breaking, but it is another real time saver for me.

I also like how the newspaper views only show the new postings. This initially may not sound like a big deal, but it sure saves on time downloading images from the site. I get my daily dose of Dilbert via RSS and now the only images downloaded are the new strips I have not read.

Thanks Nick for this great product and the slew of new features you added in the latest update.

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