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German DevCon 2006 – Day 0

I had an uneventful flight from Detroit direct to Frankfurt. Flight was not full and I had no one sitting next to me, which is very rare. I have not slept in 27 hours so I am going to take a short nap before rehearsing my sessions and heading down to the speaker meeting this evening.

Only glitch I have experienced is calling home. The conference Internet is not set up yet, and I have a wrong number for my calling card. I bought a day of Internet so I could use Skype to call my wife and let her know I made it here safely. I also called the calling card people to get the correct access number in case Skype is not available to me. Skype worked great as usual, and I caught up on all the election news for the local proposals and races. The “sweeping changes” in our federal government and even the Govenor races are big news here on the International version of CNN. We rarely hear foreign election results at home. I am guessing it is because the mainstream media cannot sensationalize it {g}. I apologize for my editorial comment. I try to keep the political nonsense out of this blog.

I am hoping to blog about this conference as it happens, but I have actually seen most of the English sessions being presented. I have selected a couple of German sessions and will see how much I can assimilate just by listening to technical terms, VFP syntax, and industry buzzwords.

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