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One of the things on my list of 18 To-dos today was to figure out the solution to a problem with my Treo 700W. Last week the voicemail notification icon was stuck on. I searched the different settings and preferences, I deleted one of my archived voice mails, I rebooted the phone, and I listened to the archived emails and resaved them. Nothing.

So I called Verizon while I waited for my wife to run into the store. The Verizon tech support is horrible. I have blogged about this on several occasions. I am not kidding, the guy told me the only way to get rid of a stuck notification icon is to a hard reset of the phone. This is the equivalent of doing a Format C:\. I would have to back everything up first, carefully check things to ensure this was ready, do the hard reset, cross fingers hoping it all gets restored, and then begin the process of reloading and resyncing. Definitely not a fun process. I swear they use one tech support script:

  1. Listen to the caller and see what their problem is.
  2. Tell them to perform a hard reset on phone.
  3. Repeat steps 1 & 2 until they hang up in frustration, or perform the hard reset which eliminates all problems we have to deal with.

Naturally I became immediately skeptical (as is so often the case with tech support people these days). This afternoon while I was eating lunch I Googled and found the solution in the fourth page I hit: leave yourself a voicemail, listen to it, and delete it. Freaking simple. Problem solved.

Verizon – you guys are suffering from the internal ID10T error. Complete morons.

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  1. April 30th, 2007 at 18:46 | #1

    LOL – thankfully I haven’t had to deal with Verizon for support (yet) but I just got a new RAZR and after some initial Googling apparently there are many ways to “hack” to get around using their proprietary VCast software and just use your own mp3, videos, etc. Of course, if I screw it up I may be doing that hard reset thingy myself.

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