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The initial session schedule for Southwest Fox is posted! Please note that the organizers have reviewed it and passed it by the speakers, but it is still subject to change if we discover a flaw. This will be finalized over the next couple of weeks.

You may be wondering how did I get two 8:00am sessions?!? You think I would have some pull being one of the organizers, but no, Tamar thinks I am good enough to keep people awake on Saturday and Sunday morning (at least this is what I am telling myself {g}). Seriously, I am not really complaining because I don’t mind the first session of the day.

I went through the schedule a few weeks back and picked the sessions I would like to attend (knowing darn well I might not get to any of them) and I only had one I could not schedule. There are definitely some tough choices, but that is the idea. We packed this conference with lots of great sessions presented by some of the best minds available.

I have two recommendations to those who cannot see all the sessions they really have to see. One thing I am doing is seeing sessions in advance of the conference. Check out the Fox user groups around the country kind enough to let speakers test-drive the sessions before they might be ready for prime-time at the conference. I see the Detroit Area Fox User Group (my local group) and the Chicago FUDG already have presentations scheduled. I am sure other groups will be scheduling some soon. You can find some of the user group meetings on the Fox Wiki Upcoming Events page.

The other option is to bring a teammate or friend to the conference (yes there is still time to register and we are not sold out yet {g}). You can each see different sessions and later go over the material you learned to help the other person as you review the white papers from the session together.

Only 50 days until we meet in Mesa!

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  1. August 30th, 2007 at 16:44 | #1

    Just to add to your list, I’ll be rehearsing my “The Why and How of Test Data” at the Philly user group in September.

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