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Hello, hello…is anyone home?

Sorry for the long absence from the blogosphere.

I am digging out of a huge backlog of customer work, recovering from a neck full of unaligned vertebrates (literally a pain in the neck) from a slip on the ice, working on some long avoided home improvements because of neglect, assorted hardware problems, wrapping up some to-do items for Southwest Fox 2007, working with conference center for next year, tiding up the office, and the inevitable onslaught of the holidays.

Heck, I have not even had time to setup the new Vista laptop that arrived a few weeks back. I did however connect my new Dell 24 inch LCD monitor (yes it is very sweet and highly recommended if you need extra light in the office {bg})!

I am also working on some cool new things for the Fox Community (more coming in the next blog post).

Happy New Year to all. I wish each of you a very healthy, extraordinary, and extremely prosperous 2008 with your favorite developer tools and environment, what ever platform you have chosen. Fox Rocks!

2 Responses to “Hello, hello…is anyone home?”

  1. January 3rd, 2008 at 16:58 | #1

    Uhh, Rick, unaligned vertebrates? Your gorillas and puppies are out of line?

    Try vertebras or vertebrae.

  2. January 3rd, 2008 at 17:56 | #2


    Did I mention how the pain in my neck makes it hard to think straight. Typing is a luxury these days, spelling is optional. {s}

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