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Port Forwarding Information

Today I was setting up with a developer to do some mentoring for the first time. He was looking for ideas on how I can connect to his computer so I offered several options including Co-Pilot from Fog Creek, GotoMeeting.com, VNC, Remote Desktop, and the old stand-by PcAnywhere. To do the last three we need some port forwarding set up and the developer had not previously set any of this up.

I have used PortForwarding.com for years to get the port information. It is a clear and easy to use site for the various ports used by different software. A terrific knowledgebase. Today I also found on the site a great resource I did not know existed before: step-by-step instructions on how to set up the port forwarding on different routers. I have always used LinkSys routers so even someone with my love of hardware can simply set it up. When my new client asked me how to do this on his 2Wire router I had no clue. I Googled the router and found a link to this site.

Very nice!

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