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German DevCon Announced

Once again I am honored to say I have been selected to present sessions at the German DevCon, November 13th to 15th in Frankfurt Germany. This will be my fourth trip to this conference, which is celebrating its 15th year (congrats to Rainer and his staff).

I will be presenting:

  1. Extending the Sedna Data Explorer
  2. Using VFPX Components in Production Applications, Session 1
  3. Using VFPX Components in Production Applications, Session 2

Other presenters include:

  • Rainer Becker
  • Bo Durban (first time)
  • Joachim Dürr
  • Sebastian Flucke
  • Tamar Granor (first time)
  • Uwe Habermann
  • Doug Hennig
  • Kirsten Hinrichs
  • Venelina Jordanova
  • Kevin McNeish
  • Nathalie Mengel
  • Armin Neudert
  • Michael Niethammer
  • Rick Schummer
  • Markus Winhard
  • Christof Wollenhaupt
  • Jürgen (wOOdy) Wondzinski

As usual, the line up is strong and the sessions sound terrific. I am looking forward to the conference, and hope if you can fit it into your schedule you get registered as soon as possible. If you want to read some first-hand experience at the conference you can read any of my blog posts in November 2007, 2006, or 2005 found in the index to the right of this post.

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