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The conference was terrific. I learned a lot and it was great renewing some friendships and making a couple of new ones. The Germans are terrific guests and Rainer and Tina (who does most of the real work according to Rainer) do a terrific job putting on the event. Despite the jet lag, I look forward to the trip every year. This year was more fun because Cathy came to speak for the first time and it was nice having a friend along for the long flight to and from Germany. I have already been invited back for next year too, which is terrific.

The speaker dinner was themed oriental with some of my favorites including sushi and Thai food. More importantly the discussion was fun and often so funny I had tears in my eyes. It started at 8:00pm and ended around 3:00am for me, just a few short hours before we had to get in the taxi for the ride to the airport for the morning flights. Lots of discussion on how we can improve both German DevCon and Southwest Fox. We have a lot of synergy between the conferences and the organizers help each other out when ever possible. I think you will find many of the discussed topics making their way into the conferences next year as some of the ideas were downright cool and genius.

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