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Over on the Southwest Fox blog someone asked the following question in the comments for our post announcing the Windows 8 keynote:

Why have MS promote their products when they don’t care about developers? MS discontinued VFP.

Comments often get lost, and sometimes people read the posts without looking at the comments, so I am going to post my answer here.

It is a good question. This is not about promoting Windows 8, this is about educating Visual FoxPro and Xbase++ developers on a new operating system their customers are eventually going to consider and use in their businesses. You need knowledge to help guide your customers and users. This session is going to help you learn the advantages and pitfalls of Windows 8 and how it is going to affect your customers’ business.

Jennifer is not a marketing person, she is a developer and has lots of good information to share with other developers. This keynote is about helping developers get past the pundits and press, and down to the nuts and bolts of the next OS developers have to consider when deploying applications. Plain and simple.

What is one of the most common concerns about the future for VFP developers? Answer: will my applications continue to run on the next Windows?  Xbase++ developers want to know new features their applications can work with too.

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