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Years ago when I was a corporate coder I came to the sad realization that I always work an extra day every four years. I mentioned this to my boss at the time and he tried to correct me by telling me I was finally catching up for the quarter of a day I was stealing from the company the prior four years.

I am assembling an employee handbook here at White Light Computing in anticipation of hiring someone soon (no resumes please, I have interviewed some excellent candidates and have to battle myself to make the right choice). I was thinking about doing a cool holiday that is extra from the accepted normal holidays in the corporate environment. If I am remembering correctly Hentzenwerke use to have Bill Gates Birthday geek holiday (how ironic is that {g}).

Should I throw in February 29th as a holiday? Or will potential employees think I am taking advantage of them by only giving them a bonus day off every 4 years? Maybe I can use Leap Day as the special holiday every four years and change it up on the other three. Or maybe I should just be a hard nose boss and make them work it like I am today! {g}

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