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I seen Igor Vit has the sessions posted and registration opened for the Prague VFP DevCon 2008.

July 1-3, 2008
Czech Technical University

Looks like he has set up a terrific line up of sessions and speakers! Mike and Toni Feltman, and Christof Wollenhaupt have English sessions. Martin Haluza (XFRX fame), Ivan Arnold, Štěpán Bechynský, Michal Bláha, Pavel Celba, Srdjan Djordjevic, Jan Dudek, Petr Hojný, Michael Juřek, Milan Kosina, Norbert Kustra, and Milan Štoček will present in Czech.

Check out this great conference, which leads in attendance every year as far as Fox conferences.



Looks like Igor has announced the Prague DevCon for July 1-3, 2008. I can’t say from personal experience, but from talking to others who have attended this conference, it is terrific. This is the conference that hits the big numbers with respect to FoxPro developers every year.

You can get all the details in April, but definitely add this to your calendar if you are near the Czech Republic, and seriously consider attending even if you live half a world away. You will not be disappointed.

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I see Igor Vit has the session schedule posted for the Prague DevCon. This conference is the most attended conference year after year and there is no doubt why, great sessions and inexpensive registration fees. If you are in Europe (or anywhere else for that matter) and you have room in your schedule next week (June 19th to 21st), head on over and get registered for this great conference.

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I see the Web site for the often heralded Praha DevCon held Jun 19-21, 2007 in the Czech Republic has been updated while I was not paying attention. This will be the tenth Praha DevCon. I still recall the conference shirts for the 2000 conference that played on the Y2K theme and noted it was the 1900 conference.

Speakers and sessions look real good. North American speakers include long-time VFP gurus Marcia Akins, Steven Black, Alan Griver, and Andy Kramek. European speakers include Ivan Arnold, Uwe Habermann, Martin Haluza, Rudolf Jalovecký, Venelina Jordanova, Michael Juřek, Milan Kosina, Norbert Kustra, Jaromír Stacha, and Jan Vit.

It looks like a fantastic gathering for Fox developers. Everyone I have talked to who has attended this conference in the past have nothing but great things to say about it and the city of Prague. I talked to Igor Vit (the conference organizer) about the conference while we were doing some site seeing before the MVP summit and can hardly believe they can put this on for the price they are charging. 85 Euro for early-bird and 105 Euro for regular registration. At the current exchange rates you are paying US$115. Simply amazing.

If you look at the attendee counts for the different fox conferences, you will see the Prague DevCon is the best attended conference year after year. This not only shows how great the conference is, but how popular Visual FoxPro is in the Czech Republic.

One day I am hoping to get to Prague, but the timing of this year’s offering conflicts with my daughter’s graduation from high school.

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